Stages to Compose a Masterful Thesis Statement – Guide 2021


An essay whether it is argumentative, expository, narrative, or analytical has three main parts such as introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


The introduction gives a brief overview of the topic. It can also discuss the background of the topic. It is very important to have a topic that interests a lot of readers. In essays, the last sentence of the introduction is usually a thesis statement. The whole paper depends on how strong a thesis statement is provided.


A thesis statement is a combination of a claim followed by a rationale. The claim is usually a statement that can either be right or wrong. The claim should be such that others can accept it or reject it. Moreover, the topic sentence of each body paragraph should relate to the thesis statement.



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It can be said that the first sentence that a reader looks for in an essay is a thesis statement. A thesis statement is usually the condensation of an argument in one or two sentences. The purpose of writing a thesis statement in an essay is to better develop and organize your argument. It may also guide your reader to your argument.


If you keep in mind the questions that your paper will answer, you can compose a masterful thesis statement. For example, you are asked to write an argumentative essay on “Is Google Making Us Stupid". If you support the idea that Google is making us stupid, then turn it into a question such as "how our abilities to focus and read are negatively affected by using search engines including Google? This way you will be able to compose a masterful thesis statement.


In this case, your thesis statement could be, the use of internet search engines such as Google is making us stupid because it is reshaping and reprogramming human brains for the worse, causing a drop in IQ scores, and Net-based artificial intelligence could pose a threat to humanity. This is how you can compose a masterful thesis statement.


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Tips for composing a masterful thesis statement also include the expression of one main idea in the statement. In addition, you should choose a matter or subject that cannot be easily agreed upon by other reasonable people. Moreover, asserting your conclusions about an argument will also help you in composing a masterful thesis statement. In other words, your thesis statement must indicate the conclusions about a subject.


You can come up with a masterful thesis statement only if the topic of the essay is controversial. In this way, the audience will be interested in knowing how you have supported your point and will read the rest of the essay. You can ask essay writer to write essay for me.


In the body sentence of the essay, a topic sentence is followed by the main idea. You will have to conduct thorough research on your topic to back up your claim. The evidence will be analyzed in the next sentence. After that, comes the last sentence of the body paragraph, a conclusion which also plays a key role in the strength of the thesis statement. The conclusion is based on the premises or main ideas that you have provided within the body paragraph. If your premises are sound, you would lead your audience to a solid conclusion. Thus, your readers will know that your essay has a masterful thesis statement.


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In analytical essays, write a specific aspect that you will focus on to mention what insight it provides to the readers into the purpose or meaning of the text. On the other hand, In an expository essay, your goal is to explain the facts of a process or a topic. In such essays, the central point you will be making about your topic should be clearly stated. Moreover, the key aspects you will be explaining should also be mentioned. If you stick to these steps, you will land yourself to a masterful thesis statement.



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