10 Persuasive Writing Tasks and Ideas About Politics Society – Guide 2021


Every student has to write a persuasive essay in his academic career. A persuasive essay is a type of writing in which you have to make an argument about an issue or topic. In this type of essay, students will need to select a side of the issue and support this issue by using hard evidence and convincing language. The persuasive essay aims at convincing the audiences on the side they want to persuade. The purpose of the exercise is the articulation of the opinion and the knowledge that why the claim must be backed up by the evidence.


I would not be able to write my essay until I took help from online essay writing service who guide me and helped me to enhance my writing skills. Special writing and research techniques are required to write a persuasive essay. The most challenging part of the writing is to select a topic for the essay. Sometimes a mentor or professor assigns the topic but most of the time students have free reign on selecting the topic to explore and write about. If you come up with your own topic it will be overwhelming.



There are certain things that need to be considered while selecting persuasive essay topics. These are as follows:



Always go for such a topic to write a persuasive essay in which you are interested. If you select such a topic in which you are interested, your passion will shine out in your essay. Your genuine motivation and research will increase the persuasiveness and the attention of the readers.



Choose such a relevant topic. The topic should be relevant to your audiences, community or country. The angle or perspective of the topic must be relevant to the audiences.


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The management of the topic has three aspects which are as follows:


Your Academic level: select such topics which you can explain in your own words confidently. Since you are studying, it is not important to have information about each and everything. Never go with the expert level topic, it will make the persuasion difficult because you could not explain it in your own words. While choosing the persuasive essay topic, keep your limitations in mind.


Audience’s Academic Level: consider the academic level of your audiences because these are the audiences whom you are going to persuade. The aim of an essay is persuasion not the expression of opinions. You cannot convince them without making things understandable to them.


Searchable: before selecting a topic, do proper research about it whether it is researchable or not.  If there are few articles or studies about the topic, it would be difficult for the writer to write about it. Search different credible sources on the selected topic.


Be Specific: Select a specific topic and do not make it broad. It is easy to cover the easy topic because all aspects will be discussed.

  1.     How poverty can be eliminated from society by increasing tax?
  2.     How is pornography affecting the health of youngsters?
  3.     How the life of the Irish diaspora changed in the United States?
  4.     Is peace education getting attention in society?
  5.     Why does cultural heritage need to be preserved in society?
  6.     How international relations impact the national interest of a country?
  7.     Globalization or nationalism, which one is better for the world?
  8.     Does the failure of national politicians lead to the civil war in the country?
  9.     How gender discrimination impacts the politics of the country?
  10. Do strikes and protests impact the governments to change their policies?


These are the most recent and relevant topics about politics and society. If I was a student and I had to write essay for me on any topic of society and politics, I would definitely consider the above-mentioned topics.



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